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Ryder Cup Mental Game by Phil Michelson

phil-michelsonI hope you got the pleasure to see the Ryder Cup this past week. Amazing play by the Americans and congrats!!!

The person who stuck out most to me during these matches is Phil Michelson.

Why?  Because he seems to be able to raise his game in big matches and in big tournaments. He harnesses the power of pressure to his advantage. In other words, pressure boosts his intensity level to the level he needs to perform at his best. Phil concentrates and plays his best when his intensity level is on high.

How does that relate to us and when we coach others? We must know which intensity level is best for us. Think about the last 5 rounds when you played your best. Was your intensity level low, medium or high. You will see a pattern.

For me, I play my best opposite to Phil-when my intensity level is low. Thus, I do activities like meditate before a round and think calming images to get my intensity level at the right place. In contrast, you may have students more like Phil. Then you need to figure out methods to get them more pumped before a round, perhaps with the right words and images.

We are all unique so we must discover the best intensity level for us.

This article was written by Dr. Gregg Steinberg who is head sports psychologist for the International Golf Psychology Association and ranked by Golf Digest as one of the worlds’ greatest sport psychologist. He has worked with PGA players like Brandt Snedeker and Brian Gay and many collegiate teams such as UF and U of Alabama.

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