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About Dr. Gregg Steinberg:

Executive Director of The Mental Game Academy

  • Hailed by Golf Digest as a mastermind of performance training
  • Mental Game Coach for University of Florida, University of Alabama, Vanderbilt University, Washington and Lee and many others
  • Frequent Guest on The Golf Channel
  • Best-selling author on Mental Game
  • Entertaining and engaging speaker
  • TV media expert and radio host
  • Award winning professor of human performance

Ranked by Golf Digest as one of the sports’ great masterminds, Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a world-renowned expert of human performance.

He has authored numerous books on topics from golf psychology to parenting, to his new bestselling business book “Full-throttle” which illustrates how to supercharge your energy and performance at work. Dr. Gregg is a multi-tasker who speaks all around the globe, appears on television, works as a performance coach and is a award winning professor-just not all at the same time.

It all started when Gregg was a young lad competing in southern California in the local tennis tournaments. He realized then that the best players had a handle on their emotions and could rebound from bad breaks. However, the ones who played their worst did not have enough emotional control.

From that realization, he went on to study performance psychology at U.C. Santa Barbara and then went to Florida State University for his masters and University of Florida for his doctorate in human performance. Dr. Gregg has studied human performance for the past 25 years and has discovered a basic principle that is consistent across sport, academics and business: When you master your emotions you master your world.

Dr. Gregg not only shares his philosophy to audiences across the globe, but also gives hands-on tools so that you can lead a more effective and happier life-Dr. Gregg wants you to thrive on the inside!

Dr. Gregg Steinberg as an author

All his books relate to the same message: Giving the reader the tools to building mental and emotional toughness so that they can be more effective and happier in any endeavor. His first book MentalRules for Golf, was endorsed by Tiger Woods’ former coach Hank Haney.

The second book, Flying Lessons, shows parents how to build mental and emotional toughness in their children with targeted activities.

His third book, Full Throttle shows you how to supercharge your energy and performance by mastering the 6 key emotional strengths. It is a Washington Post Business Best-Seller.

As a Performance Coach

Dr. Gregg was voted by Golf Digest as one of the games’ great masterminds and has worked with many professional golfers on the PGA tour including Fedx cup winner Brandt Snedeker, Brian Gay, Bob Wolcott and Brad Fabel.

Dr. Steinberg also works as an executive coach for many of the top corporations including Merrill Lynch and Pacific Life.

He has also coached players in the NFL, NBA and major league baseball.

He also consulted with NCAA champion University of Florida’s men’s golf team and NCAA champion runner-up Vanderbilt men’s tennis team.

As a Media Personality

Dr. Gregg was a commentator for the hit show “Dancing with the Stars”, and appeared for Fox News as their sport psychology commentator for the 2008 Olympics.

He has been a frequent guest on The Golf Channel and CNN.

Currently, Dr. Gregg is a weekly guest on “Talk of the Tour” on the PGATOUR radio network on XM/Sirius and he writes a mental game column on

He also writes a syndicated column for Gannett Publishing called “The Head Coach” which deals with emotional toughness for business.

Gregg Steinberg as a professor

Dr. Gregg is a tenured professor of human performance at Austin Peay State University, just outside Nashville. Well-liked by all his students, he has been nominated for numerous awards in teaching and research.

Gregg Steinberg at home

Gregg lives in the hills just to the west of downtown Nashville, with his loving, beautiful and talented wife Tommie, their dogs Fabio and Bohdi, and their newest edition Myles Thomas Steinberg.