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Course Syllabus

This Mental Game course teaches you one of the main secrets of success. When you master your thoughts, you will master your world. Whether it is in sport or school or music, mental mastery is the secret to becoming successful in whatever you do. Being calm under pressure, finding your confidence after rejection, and having the ability to get pumped up in a moment’s notice will be your key to success.

To develop mental toughness, you must develop mental habits. To develop these positive mental habits, this course is broken into 6 mental game sections. When you master these sections, you will have mental toughness. Click here to see the 6 key mental game sections.

Professor Bio and creator of the Mental Game Training Course

Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a full professor of Human Performance at Austin Peay State University for the past 20 years. He teaches classes on peak performance and leadership. Dr. Steinberg is the author of the Washington Post best-seller Full Throttle, which the course is based. Golf Digest ranked Dr. Steinberg as one of the greatest sport psychologists in the world. He has worked with many professional golfers such as Brandt Snedeker and Brian Gay, NCAA winning collegiate teams such as UF Mens golf and worked teams from University of Alabam, Vanderbilt, Florida State, Washington and Lee and many more. Dr. Gregg has also worked with many top juniors as well as coached many CEO and business executives from top level corporations.

Dr. Steinberg has spoken to many Fortune 500 companies about emotional toughness to include Toyota, T Rowe Price, Merrill Lynch, Hughes, Pacific Life, and Bank of America. Check out Dr. Gregg Steinberg on his web site at You can follow his blog, connect with social media, or even order signed copies of his books.

Course Goals: As a result of this course, students will:

1) Identify their best and worst emotions to better perform under pressure
2) Be prepared for every challenge
3) Be more confident
4) Bounce back from failure
5) Develop key routines
6) Use your anxiety as an advantage
7) Overcome fears
8) Stay focused
9) Avoid burnout
10) Know the best ways to practice

How to Complete this Course

The Mental Game Training course consists of 6 modules. Each module contains an overview, video lectures, readings, assignments, and a quiz. To complete each module:
1) Review the videos, and readings.
2) Complete the assignments, and quizzes.
Check out the “sample course” button to see the Confidence Section of the course. This section is representative of all 6 sections.


There are no required texts for this course. This course is a composite of two of Dr. Gregg’s books: Full Throttle: 122 Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance at Work and Flying Lessons: How to Build Confidence and Competence in Children.


This course follows an open timeline format. This means that you are free to work on any component of the course. Assignments are meant to help you reflect on your own personal strengths and to improve on your weaknesses. Participation in assignments is required to complete this course but these activities will not be graded.


At the end of each module you will have a short multiple-choice quiz that consists of 25 questions. These quizzes are based upon the videos and readings. You will have unlimited opportunities to achieve a passing grade of 70%. This means that if you don’t do as well as you would like the first time, you can review the information again to work toward a higher score.


Once you complete all six modules in this course, a certificate will open in the Certificate Module. You will be able to download, complete, and print the certificate to keep. This certificate will state that you completed the Metal Game On-line training from the Mental Game Academy.

Where to Go for Help

At any time during this course, you can ask a question on our Need Help? Please e-mail and someone will respond to you within 48 hours.