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About the Course

This Mental Game Academy course teaches you one of the main secrets of success. When you master your thoughts and emotions, you will master your world. Whether it is in sports, school, or life, mastering the mental game is the secret to becoming successful in whatever you do. Being calm under pressure, finding your confidence after rejection, and having the ability to get pumped up in a moment’s notice will be your key to success.

To develop mental toughness, you must develop positive mental habits. To help you to develop these positive habits, this course is broken into 6 sections. When you master these sections, you will have mental toughness.

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Professor Bio and creator of emotional toughness course

Dr. Gregg Steinberg is a professor of Human Performance at Austin Peay State University. He is the author of the Washington Post Best seller Full Throttle, which is recommended for this course. Golf Digest ranked Dr. Steinberg as one of the greatest sport psychologists in the world. He has worked with many professional golfers, collegiate teams, and juniors. Dr. Steinberg has spoken to many Fortune 500 companies about emotional toughness to include Toyota, Pacific Life, Hughes, T Rowe Price, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America. Check out Dr. Gregg Steinberg on his web site at You can follow his blog, connect with social media, or even order signed copies of books.


This course is designed for those interested in developing greater emotional awareness as a means of becoming more effective at work, in sport, or life in general. No specific knowledge in a given content area is necessary.

Course GoalsStudents who complete this course will learn to:

  • Identify their best and worst emotions to better perform under pressure
  • Emotionally prepare for daily challenges
  • Manage their fears and anxieties
  • Perform at their best by learning how to remain focused
  • Master the keys to staying motivated
  • Balance work and home challenges to avoid burnout

How to Complete this Course

The Emotional Toughness Training course consists of 6 modules. Each module contains an overview, video lectures, readings, assignments, an e-Zine, and a quiz. To complete each module

1) Review the overview, lectures, readings, and the e-Zine
2) Complete the assignments, and quizzes


There are no required texts for this course. However, students are encouraged to purchase a copy of Full Throttle: 122 Strategies to Supercharge Your Performance at Work. It is this book which your course, Emotional Toughness Training, is built. In it, you will find even more useful information regarding the topic of emotional awareness. There are also additional articles available in each module.


This course follows an open timeline format. This means that you are free to work on any component of the course. Assignments are meant to help you reflect on your own personal strengths and to improve on your weaknesses. Participation in assignments is required to complete this course but these activities will not be graded.


At the end of each module you will have a short multiple-choice quiz that consists of 25 questions. You will have unlimited opportunities to achieve a passing grade of 70%. This means that if you don’t do as well as you would like the first time, you can review the information again to work toward a higher score.


This course was created to help you achieve Emotional Toughness. Your success in this course depends less on tracked, graded assignments and more on your desire to learn the principles that will help you to master your world. Assignments are designed to engage you in thoughtful exploration of your own personal strengths and weaknesses. These items will not be graded and only require participation. Therefore, you will have completed this course once you have viewed all course information, completed all activities, and achieved an 70% or higher on all quizzes.


Once you complete all six modules in this course, a certificate will open in the Certificate Module. You will be able to download, complete, and print the certificate to keep.

Where to Go for Help

At any time during this course, you can ask a question on our Need Help? Please e-mail and someone will respond to you within 48 hours.

Overview of Topics

There are 36 topics in this course. These topics are designed to help you manage your daily struggles so that you can become more successful.

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