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Topic Progress:
Assignment 1: Develop a golden victory log.

Sometimes our memories can fade or be suspect. Do more that just keep these golden nuggets locked in your mind. Keep them in a victory log. When you have a great day on the course, record what happened in that journal. Also record the time and date, as well as how you felt. Every so often, refer back to your victory log to keep your greatness fresh in your mind.

Assignment 2: Develop a best friend’s journal.

Every day, write down a positive self-statement in your victory log or in another journal. If you are a golfer, write statements like “I am a great putter” and “I am a great chipper”. Keep this journal in your golf bag. Refer to this journal before every round and during the round to get a jolt of confidence.

Do the same regardless of what sport you play. Keep this best friend’s journal in your bag or locker and refer to it every day to boost your confidence.

Assignment 3: Imagine yourself to greatness.

The night before a round, go through the upcoming game and image yourself hitting great shots and performing brillantly. This will give you confidence for the next day and will increase your chances of playing great!

Assignment 4: Create a Best Plays video

Everyone has moments on video in which they were playing their best. Maybe it was the time you hit that home run or scored that goal in soccer.  Get an app on your phone or other device, and crop out that best moment in time. Place that moment on your phone and now you have a best plays video. Watch that amazing moment over and over again. This will help you to create a mental tape that is full of confidence.

Assignment 5: Snap out the negative thoughts

Get a rubber band and place it around your wrist. Then, whenever a negative thought pops into your mind, snap the rubber band—not so much that it hurts, but enough to get your attention.

After you snap the rubber band, replace the negative thought with a positive one.

Sit down and make a list of opposite thoughts so that you will be ready.

Here are some examples:

Instead of . . . Think
I stink at soccer. I can do it.
I am afraid. I am fearless.
I’m no good at math. Mistakes are okay
I do not like the coach. Focus on myself.
I play poorly in competition. I’m going to do the best.

             If your mental tape is negative, you will be snapping the rubber band all day long at first. But over time, the snaps will start to diminish and so will the negative self-talk.